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Phoenix LiteOS Best Builds of 2021! (3 in 1)

Phoenix LiteOS 10 Pro Gamer (19044.1415)

Phoenix LiteOS 11 Pro Gamer (22000.469)




Phoenix LiteOS 11 Neon Gamer (22000.469)

Phoenix LiteOS 11 ULTRA LITE (22000.588)

Our Ultra Lite 'Pro Gamer' 'Home Gamer' and 'Ultra Lite' Builds are Designed to keep only what's needed to run all your 3rd party Apps and Games, MS Store, UWP Apps and Xbox, Printing, Bluetooth, WLAN, Tablet and Touch Support, but do not support Cumulative Updates, Optional Features (Like WSA, WSL, Hyper-V) and can run into issues with additional language support.


We Recommend these Builds for Advanced Users Only,

Who are looking for the Smallest, most Efficient custom builds available.

Phoenix LiteOS 11 ULTRA LITE (22000.588)

Phoenix LiteOS 11 Ultralight Ultimate! 22621.169

Phoenix LiteOS 11 Ultralight Ultimate ii!

Windows 11 22H2 (22621.590)

Phoenix LiteOS 10 Ultralight Ultimate!

Windows 10 1809 (17763.3650)