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• Designed to work well on older low spec PC's.
• Also Great for use on modern high end PC's.
• Uses significantly less storage space, idle RAM and CPU Processes.
• Improves System Responsiveness.
• Reduces Boot Time, and software loading times.
• Improves Gaming and Productivity performance.
• Enhances Desktop looks with taskbar transparency and added themes.
• Not only for Gaming! Great for all other desired applications as well!
• Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and Storage Checks.

• Bypasses Microsoft's Forced Account Creation During Setup

If you want full support for Cumulative Updates, Optional features, WSL, WSA, Hyper-V, Defender, Windows Security, Backup and Restore, Diagnostics, MS Sync, School Accounts, Hello Face, Bitlocker, etc. etc. in your build (Virtually everything full Windows can do) Our Full Featured 'Pro Plus' Builds are designed for you!

If you don't need those features, then we Recommend you try our Ultra Lite and 'Pro Gamer' Builds, which still have the support to run all your Apps and Games, Additional Langauges, UWP Apps and Xbox, but are much more Streamlined, and remove most of Microsoft's 'Bloat', and will remain running light and streamlined by Design.

No Matter Which Build of Ours You Choose, They are ALL Designed to Provide you with the Most Performance Possible from Your PC, no matter what Apps and Games you Run!

▬ Key Differences Between Our 'Pro Plus' And 'Pro Gamer' Builds ▬

▬ Designed to Breathe New Life into your PC ▬

• Creating Custom Windows Builds that Perform And Look Better!

• Easier to Use, More Secure, and Respect Your Privacy more than the Original!

• Are you ready to take Windows Gaming to the Next Level!?

▬ introducing our New 'Home Plus' Builds! ▬

We Want EVERYONE to be able to use our Custom builds! Whether you have a Pro or Home License for Windows, we don't want you to be left out! These builds Performs as Fast and Smooth as our Pro Builds! And add Never before seen Features in Windows Home Edition that you are going to love!


👉 It's a common misconception, that 'Home' Editions of Windows provide less performance than Pro. The only difference is a few added features. There is no difference between the editions performance wise, only feature wise. And we are blurring those lines, by adding the Group Policy Editor to our Home Plus Builds.

We do not provide illegal, or questionable methods of activation with our builds.
Use your own license to activate, or your own preferred method of activation.

WE ARE NOT responsible for WHAT YOU USE OUR custom builds FOR.