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▬ A Few Tips to help get things working in our Pro Gamer Builds! 


We are all about choice, and we don't want our Builds of Windows to start Downloading Updates, Drivers, Apps, Without Your Consent. To facilitate this, we have some services disabled by default in our 'Pro Gamer' Builds. Here's the important stuff  you need to know:


You won't need these Guides for our 'Pro Plus' Builds, (except for the 'Xbox' and 'Virtual Memory' Guide) since our 'Pro Plus' Builds are designed to work like normal Windows out of the box.


👉How to Use Microsoft Store  

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and Click the 'Windows Update Service On' Shortcut.

MS Store will Now Function Normally For You.


👉How to Use Windows Firewall  

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Firewall On' Shortcut.


👉How to Use the Xbox App and Game Pass  

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Update Service On' Shortcut.

Launch the MS Store, and Download the Xbox App.

Go to Xbox App Settings, and Download Identity Provider, and Gaming Services etc.

Run our 'Fix Sign In' Shortcut located on the Desktop, (also in our Extras Folder) to enable UAC and Enable the 'Sign In' Button in the Xbox App.


👉How to Install Printer Drivers and Print  

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Print Spooler On' Shortcut.


👉How to Install Additional Language Packs  

Go to Start Menu - Tools - and click the 'Windows Update Service On' Shortcut.

Go to Settings - Network & Internet, and turn on 'Metered Connection'

Go to Settings - Time and Language - Language and Region, and click the 'Add a Language Button'.


 ✨If you install a language pack, and it gives you an error, your PC will restart a few times, then return to normal. To fix the error, Reboot, then remove the added language from the language list in the Settings App, Then re-install it, and it will work normally, and you will be able to use it as your System Language.


👉How to Stop Apps From Crashing  

Turn on Virtual Memory! It is disabled by default in all of our builds. Why? It uses up Hard Drive Space, Resources, and causes extra wear on your Storage Device. We want YOU to have the choice to enable it or not! If you are good at memory management, and have plenty of RAM installed in your PC, chances are, you won't need to enable it. If your Apps are crashing, and you need to enable it, Please watch the Video Below for Easy Instructions!